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  18238 Mod #7 - Long-term monitoring of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Southern California; Monitoring of Loggerhead and Olive Ridley turtles captured during fisheries operations and NMFS research efforts in the Southern California Bight and International waters.  (NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center)
  21006 Mod #1 - Development of Physiological Capabilities (Thermoregulation and Diving) in Weddell Seal Pups  (California Polytechnic State University)
  21327 - Demographics, spatial distribution and habitat selection of sea turtles in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico  (Florida Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, USGS - BRD)
  21329 - Renewal:Using Marine Species (Marine Mammal, Sea Turtle and Sharks) to Investigate the Effects of Environmental Contaminants in Species Specific Models and Developing Cell Lines for In Vitro Comparisons and as a Resource for Scientific Investigation  (University of Louisville)
  21330-2M - Fish species presence and distribution surveys at Naval Radio Station Jim Creek  (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  21485 - Large whale population studies in the western North Atlantic  (Center for Coastal Studies)
  21585 - Tagging and biopsy sampling cetaceans to characterize movement patterns, distribution, foraging ecology, and critical habitat requirements.  (Oregon State University Marine Mammal Institute)
  21858 - Permit to Take/Collect, Receive/Possess, and Export Protected Atlantic Sturgeon and Shortnose Sturgeon, and their Parts for Scientific and Educational Purposes  (NMFS Greater Atlantic Region Fisheries Office)
  21870 - The influence of seasonal prey subsidies on juvenile salmonid diet and impacts of invasive terrestrial plants on food web dynamics in South Fork Skokomish River  (Oregon State University)
  22093 - Snoqualmie Valley Watershed Improvement District, Drainage Network Analysis, Fish Assessments  (Snoqualmie Valley Watershed Improvement District)
  22123 - Long-term Assessment of Marine Turtle Aggregations in the Coastal Waters of Southwest Florida  (Conservancy of Southwest Florida)
  22127 - Movements and Life History Strategies of Bull Trout in the Puyallup River Basin  (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  22272 - Persistent Organic Pollutants and Climate Change: Assessing Global Risks to Marine Mammals Across Three Oceans  (Shaw Institute)