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Application ID and Title
  10093-2R - Renew: Permit #10093 scientific research: California Department of Fish and Game Region 1  (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)
  15542-2R - Lower Putah Creek Native Fish Monitoring  (Normandeau Associates, Inc.)
  16318-2R - Steelhead and Coho Salmon Juvenile Abundance and Distribution Surveys in Central California Coast Streams and Estuaries  (Hagar Environmental Science)
  16531-2R - Merced River Salmonid Monitoring  (FISHBIO Environmental)
  16608-2R - San Joaquin River Restoration Program Steelhead Monitoring  (Bureau of Reclamation)
  17292 - Research on population dynamics, life history, habitat use, and physiology to support conservation and recovery of coastal salmonid populations in California.  (NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center)
  17299-3M - Central valley research to study survival, movement, habitat use and physiological capacity of Chinook salmon and steelhead and their predators in the Sacramento River basin  (NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center)
  19655 - Investigating the behavior, biology and communication systems of humpback whales and other cetaceans in the Central North Pacific Ocean, primarily off Hawaii and Alaska  (University of Hawaii at Hilo)
  19820 - Monitoring for Spawning of Longfin Smelt in the San Francisco Estuary Tributaries:Napa River, Sonoma Creek, Petaluma River, San Pablo Bay, Central Bay, South Bay and the Alviso Marsh.  (University of California, Davis)
  20035 - Salmon and Scott River Floodplain and Mine Tailing Restoration Planning – Fish Tissue Sampling for Mercury  (Stillwater Sciences)
  20294 - Marine mammal and sea turtle surveys to assess seasonal abundance and distribution in the Mid-Atlantic region.  (Independent)
  20340 - Section 10 permit for research and monitoring of Atlantic sturgeon and Shortnose Sturgeon in the Hudson River Estuary  (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)
  20351 - Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon Population Dynamics and Life History in New York and Coastal Marine an Riverine Waters  (School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University)
  20524 - USGS California Stream Quality Assessment (CSQA)  (US Geological Survey)
  20528 - Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon Scientific Research in SC Rivers  (SC DNR)
  20548 - Reproduction, habitat use, and interbasin exchange of Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeons in the mid-Atlantic  (Delaware State University)
  20651 - Hudson River Biological Monitoring Program  (Entergy Indian Point)
  20666 - Simultaneous measurement of heart rate, total regional blood flow and gas distribution in diving harbor seals while exercising aerobically  (Texas A &M University)