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Application ID and Title
  1336-7R - Renew: Research to evaluate factors limiting fish distribution and water quality in headwater streams in western Oregon and Washington  (Port Blakely Tree Farms, L.P.)
  15486-2R - Renew: Species Distribution and Habitat Use in Streams of Select Basins in Oregon and Washington  (West Fork Environmental, Inc.)
  16784-2R - Renew: Lower Columbia River Wake Stranding Evaluation Study  (Hart Crowser, Inc.)
  17304 Mod #2 - Neritic sea turtles in the northern Gulf of Mexico: Ecology, genetic origin, and habitat use patterns.  (US Geological Survey)
  18926 - Juvenile Sea Turtle Monitoring in the Mosquito Lagoon and Northern Indian River Lagoon System.  (NASA)
  19257 - Behavior, abundance, population structure, and movement patterns of cetacean species in Hawaii and the Mariana Islands  (Cetos Research Organization)
  19528 - Demographic and movement study of marine turtles in lagoon and nearshore waters of southeastern Florida  (Inwater Research Group Inc.)
  19587 - Meglar Restoration and Research Project  (Columbia River Estuary Study)
  19621 - Distribution, relative abundance, demographic structure, and health of foraging sea turtles in the Southeast USA  (SCDNR Marine Resources Division)