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Application ID and Title
  1415-2M - Multiple projects conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services' Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife Office.  (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  14808-2M - Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring  (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)
  16239 Mod #1 - Aims of this research are to further our understanding of marine mammals sharing waters with US Naval training, offshore energy development, and construction using of aerial and vessel surveys, behavioral focal follows, and PAM monitoring techniques.  (HDR)
  17299-2M - Central valley research to study survival, movement, habitat use and physiological capacity of Chinook salmon and steelhead and their predators in the Sacramento River basin  (NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center)
  17952 Mod #6 - Foraging ecology, diving behavior, and health of California sea lions (Zalophus californianus)  (University of California at Santa Cruz)
  18181-2M - Rescue and Relocation of ESA-listed Salmonids and SDPS Green Sturgeon in California's Central Valley.  (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)
  18636 - Global ecology and toxicology of cetaceans  (Ocean Alliance/Whale Conservation Inst.)
  18902 - Psychological and physiological studies of captive pinnipeds at Long Marine Laboratory, Santa Cruz, CA and Alaska SeaLife Center, Seward, AK  (Long Marine Laboratory, Institute of Marine Sciences)
  18903 - Tagging and playback research to study behavior, responses to sound, and factors for significant behavioral effects or other risks to cetaceans of the North Atlantic, North Pacific and Mediterranean Sea.  (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
  19439 - Foraging ecology, physiology, habitat use, and diving behavior of Southern Ocean pinnipeds  (University of California at Santa Cruz)