File Number: 781-1824    Modification #8

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Title: Amendment to Permit No. 781-1824-01 to add takes of SRKW
We are seeking an amendment to Permit No. 781-1824-01 to add dart implant and increase suction cup tagging takes of Eastern North Pacific southern resident killer whales in the inland waters of Washington State. 
The total number of each type of take requested is highlighted in bold in Table 1 of the attached application. For Eastern North Pacific southern resident killer whales (Orcinus orca) we want to add the following activities or increase number of takes per year: add 6 dart implant tags and increase suction cup tags to 20. 

New takes requested would be by tagging using dart implant tags. Up to 6 individuals may be tagged (using dart implant tags) per year for the duration of the permit. Tagging and tracking activities will help address outstanding needs for data on distribution, movements and dive times to improve stock assessments. Implant tagging will occur concurrently with already permitted activities (i.e., vessel surveys, focal follows, photo-identification, etc.), in Pacific Northwest waters.   

See attached application for details.
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