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File Number: 19108

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File Number: 19108
Application Status: Application Complete - Issued
Project Title: Foraging, Reproductive and Physiological Ecology of Northern Elephant Seals
Project Status: New
Previous Federal or State Permit: 14636
Permit Requested:
  • MMPA Research/Enhancement permit
Where will activities occur? California (including offshore waters)
Oregon (including Columbia River and offshore waters)
Washington (including Columbia River and offshore waters)
Research Timeframe: Start: 06/30/2015    End: 06/30/2020
Sampling Season/Project Duration:
Proposed research includes both annual haulouts for all age classes of northern elephant seals and covers the entire calendar year. The duration of the requested permit is five years.
We request reauthorization for the research program at UC, Santa Cruz on northern elephant seals, Mirounga angustirostris, throughout their range. The purpose is to continue a long term study that began in 1968 on a broad suite of behavioral, physiological and life history characteristics of the species. The ultimate aim of the work is to understand the animal in its natural habitat, how it makes a living and how it reproduces optimally. We will test numerous hypotheses on a wide variety of topics such as the species' population growth and status, reproductive strategies, behavioral and physiological adaptations for diving and fasting, general physiology and metabolism, and sensory physiology. These studies will provide vital information for population assessment, reproductive strategies associated with extreme polygyny and dimorphism, the mechanisms underlying their remarkable diving ability, expand our knowledge of the physiology and biochemistry natural fasting, provide needed information on the cost and benefits of foraging strategies, assess responses and impacts of short and long-term climate variability, assess potential impacts of anthropogenic disturbance and reveal thresholds and response to sensory stimuli. Northern elephant seals, totaling a maximum of 4,930/year over 5 years, will be taken. In general, types of takes and requested numbers are identical to those in previous NMFS permits. Sample sizes requested are large to allow for marking and tagging of sufficient proportions of the colony for population and reproduction studies. All sizes of animals of both sexes will be taken.  Types of takes include behavioral observations, acoustic recordings, marking, flipper tagging, capture and sampling, attachment of instrumentation for tracking, translocation studies, short-term capture for laboratory studies and use of hormone challenges and standard clinical tracer techniques for the study of physiology.

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Application Status: Application Complete
Date Submitted: October 23, 2014
Date Comments 1st Sent: March 26, 2015
Date Completed: May 19, 2015
FR Notice of Receipt Published: May 27, 2015      Number: 2015-12745
Comment Period Closed: June 26, 2015      Comments Received:  No     Comments Addressed:  No
Last Date Archived: May 30, 2018

• MMPA Research/Enhancement permit
     Current Status:  Issued    Status Date:  June 30, 2015
     Section 7 Consultation:  N/A
     NEPA Analysis:  Categorical Exclusion
     Expire Date:  June 30, 2020
Analyst Information: 
1)   Sara Young   Phone: (301)427-8484
Email: sara.young@noaa.gov
2)   Amy Sloan   Phone: (301)427-8401
Fax: (301)713-0376
Email: amy.sloan@noaa.gov

 -   Modification Requests

Modifications Requested
Number Title Description Status Date Submitted Date Issued Link to Request Issued Version
1 Request for two separate film authorizations for Permit No 19108 #1 - BBC's 'Naomi's Nightmares of Nature' (Filming Oct 23rd or 24th)
it's a show that aims to prove that some of the planet's strange wildlife isn't as scary as you might think. It's presented by Naomi Wilkinson, She is not a biologist or naturalist, so we take her out of her comfort zone to meet new animals. The beauty of filming with Naomi is that children identify with her because she is sometimes apprehensive of things, but faces her fear, and then is ultimately pleased that she has.
1. Jody Bourton-producer/director
2. Joanna Stead- researcher/2nd camera
3. Naomi Wilkinson-presenter
4. Steve Paton – cameraman
5. Rich Whitley – sound recordist
6. Nicola Kowalski – Project Coordinator

#2 - Discovery Digital Network's 'Breaking Trail' (filming on Oct 12th)
This is an education and conservation show that targets a digital audience. The host follows researchers into the field and focuses not only on the animals, but also on the research methods and larger project goals.
1. Coyote Peterson
2. Mark Laivins
Issued 09/25/2015 10/07/2015 Request 1 P19108_Mod1_i5149T14Issued.pdf  
2 CI authorization request: Dec. 2015 We'd like to make a few personnel changes to my permit 19108:
Additions (please see attached CV's)
-Adam Taylor: Basic handling
-Claire Nasr: Basic handling
Modifications (please see attached CV):
-Rachel Holser: Currently approved for Basic handling. Please add juveniles, all age classes of females
-Kim Goetz
-David Kruci
Issued 12/11/2015 12/22/2015 Request 2 P19108_Mod2_i5228T14Issued.pdf  
3 CI authorization request 2: Dec. 2015 A last minute addition to our list of personnel for our elephant seal work. This individual, Eugene DeRango, is a graduate student in Dan Crocker's lab and will be reading tags and leading weaner weighing, so he should be listed a basic level. Issued 12/12/2015 12/30/2015 Request 3 P19108_Mod3_i5231T14Issued.pdf  
5 Permit #19108 Take modification request -2016 Please see attached document file. Issued 05/16/2016 12/05/2016 Request 5 P19108_Mod5_i5384T14Issued.pdf  
6 Media authorization under permit #19108 for 3 film crews Request for three film crews to film elephant seal research. Detailed description in attachment. Issued 01/17/2017 02/01/2017 Request 6 P19108_Mod6_i5755T14Issued.pdf  
7 Science in Action Film Authorization The Show: "Science in Action" is web-based and hosted by "Tested.com". It takes a deep dive into the tools that scientists use and they are particularly interested in showcasing them in a way that gives viewers a lens into how science actually works. They are specifically interested in the use of UAS (drones) in our elephant seal project. They are planning on filming August 29, 2018.

Indre Viskontas - Show Host
Norman Chan - Editor in Chief
Gunther Kirsch - Producer
Ryan Kiser - Production Manager
Issued 08/11/2017 08/16/2017 Request 7 P19108_Mod7_i5925T14Issued.pdf  
8 Working Wild film crew I would like to request permission to work with a video team from the Animal Planet Series Working Wild on our NMFS permit # 19108 to work with elephant seals. The film crew will be filming us doing census and other ancillary procedures. They are hoping to film this on Monday November 6.
As I mentioned on the phone, Animal Planet has a new series called, "Working Wild." We feature cool jobs in the animal world - everything from beekeepers to wild horse rescues.
On Monday, November 6th, we'll be filming in Ano Nuevo State Park. The host of the show, John Griffith, or Griff, will be helping a crew from the California Conservation Corps work on the trail up to the elephant seal viewing area. We also want to film the elephant seals and possibly feature the work that you and Patrick do with the seals.
We are already permitted to shoot in the park. Here are the names of our crew members who would need access your work area.
Host: John Griffith
A Camera: Dean Eastman
B Camera: Tyler Everett
Audio: John Sayles
Producer: Paul Baldwin
(These are the critical crew members if we're limited to a certain number, if we're not limited, here are the names of the rest of our crew)
Assistant Camera: Kelsey Allen
Associate Producer: Sarah Bartlett
Production Manager: Nai Pak
Line Producer: Tami Gruneich
Production Assistant: (TBD)
Issued 11/06/2017 11/06/2017 Request 8 P19108_Mod8_i5995T14Issued.pdf  
9 CI authorizations November 2017 As we prepare for the upcoming field season we would like to add the following individuals onto our permit. These individuals are still in the initial phase of learning the "ropes" of elephant seal research. We would therefore like to add them under the basic handling category. For the time being we are including the research being carried out by Heather Liwanag at Cal State San Luis Obispo until she is able to obtain her own permit. The cv's of all individuals are attached.
Thanks Dan Costa
They are:
From UCSC:
Theresa Keates
Ana M. Valenzuela Toro
From Moss Landing Marine Lab:
Jenni Johnson
From Cal State San Luis Obispo:
Cameron Cooper
Emma Weitzner
Melissa Voisinet
Issued 10/19/2017 11/15/2017 Request 9 P19108_Mod9_i6008T14Issued.pdf  
10 Add sample recipients Please add sample recipients to assist in analysis for existing projects:
Jose Vazquez-Medina Lab, UC Berkeley - Cellular physiology of fasting, stress and hypoxia.
Nathan Clark Lab, University of Pittsburgh - Antioxidant protein analysis
Rudy Boonstra Lab - University of Toronto - Cortisol binding globulin and binding capacity analysis
Issued 11/15/2017 12/07/2017 Request 10 P19108_Mod10_i6009T14Issued.pdf  
11 CBS evening news The CBS evening news would like to film our research activities for a short ~2 minute segment on an upcoming newscast (not live). The activities being filmed may include flipper-tag resights, dye-marking, and audio recordings (but not any handling procedures). They are requesting a single individual from their team to be present, a cameraman by the name of Gilbert Deiz. He will be supervised continuously by my team and will not cause any disturbance/takes. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Issued 12/20/2017 01/18/2018 Request 11 P19108_Mod11_i6044T14Issued.pdf  

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